562 Taiharuru Road, Northland


Huge variety of activities on your doorstep

One of the major reasons that whole generations of families keep coming back to Davies Bay (also known as Awahoa Bay) is the great variety of activities, for all ages, right there on the property. In fact, many holiday makers never leave the property except to replenish the larder and top up the outboard’s petrol tank at the nearby shopping centre.

For those who want to burn off some energy, there is swimming, fishing, diving, bush and cliff top walks, and tons of space for all the beach games. However, if you prefer a more sedate relaxation, there are lots of sheltered lawn areas, bays and inlets where sunbathing, reading, and the opportunity to catch up with fellow campers and friends, make one day drift into another. With the large gently sloping beach adjacent to the main holiday homes and 3 smaller beaches, there is ample opportunity to enjoy the clear blue Pacific Ocean.
The eastern boundary of this private property stretches along several kilometres of beaches, rocky outcrops and promontories where many a fresh fish dinner has been caught.
The natural undersea rock formations that make up this coastline are the home of a wide variety of fish and shellfish. In reality the only restrictions are to make sure that your catch is the legal size and, of course, take only what you need.
The easy contour of the land makes walking a most enjoyable pastime. Whether you prefer the open countryside and the bush areas, or a stroll along the kilometres of cliff tops and gullies, you will enjoy the scenery and work off that slightly extra helping of lunch.
As Davies Bay adjoins a successful beef and sheep farm, there is always plenty of action with mustering shearing, drenching and general stock rotation keeping the home team busy. Holiday makers are permitted to view the farm in action though all are asked to respect the animals and the needs of the owners.